We are pleased to offer your yearly Wellness visit (Annual Wellness Visit/Preventive Visit) in our office as part of your insurance benefits. You may be eligible for both depending on your health insurance plan. During this visit, we will work with you to make a plan for how to stay well and address preventive and screening care depending on age and gender. It is not a sick visit (a problem-oriented visit), so certain services such as medication refills, blood work results review, diagnosis, and treatment/management of new or chronic conditions, may not be covered under this service depending on your health insurance plan. 

As you might guess, this visit takes a fair amount of time, which is why the visit is focused on HEALTH PROMOTION and DISEASE PREVENTION. This visit gives your provider another opportunity to assess your health and get to know you better as a patient. If you have other new or chronic health problems that need to be addressed, a separate appointment may be needed.

What is the Annual Wellness Visit/Preventive Visit?  

  • This visit is for talking with your healthcare team about your medical history, your risk for certain diseases, the current state of your health, and your plan for staying well.  
  • We will complete screening questionnaires regarding functional status, memory, depression, home safety, and counseling and education.  
  • We will discuss end-of-life planning and make a personalized care plan. 
  • We will perform your physical exam and measure your height, weight, and blood pressure.  
  • We might refer you for screenings or services outside of the appointment (mammogram, pap smear, colonoscopy, screening lab tests).

When do I get it?  

  • If you have a commercial plan or if you have Medicaid, you can receive a Preventive Visit once per calendar year.
  • If you have Medicare, you can receive a Wellness Visit (“Welcome to Medicare”) during the first 12 months you are enrolled in Medicare Part B. Subsequent Annual Wellness Visits are scheduled yearly, one year and one day apart. 
  • You are eligible for both AWV and Preventive visits if you have a Medicare Advantage Plan.

Who pays for it?  

  • Your insurance will pay for your visit, most screening tests, and immunizations.
  • They are at no cost to you unless you receive/request  additional tests or services during the same visit that aren’t covered under your Preventive benefits (discussion and management of problems), you may have a co-pay for the problem-oriented part of your visit, as well as be subject to payments for your deductible
  • We do not have the option of writing off the copayment as we are contractually and legally obligated by Medicare or your insurance company to bill and collect the fees. Additionally, if lab services are provided, they will bill your insurance. If the lab services are found to be related to a medical condition, you may receive a lab bill as it will be considered non-preventive.

We appreciate the trust you put in us to take care of your healthcare needs and hope that you will take advantage of this benefit to work with us in creating your personalized prevention plan and help you stay well. 


Schedule a yearly Well Child Check-up following a set of comprehensive health guidelines for well-child care, known as the “periodicity schedule.” It is a schedule of screenings and assessments recommended at each well-child visit from infancy through adolescence.

Our providers will watch your child’s growth and progress and will talk with you about eating and sleeping habits, safety at home and in school, and behavior issues.

To protect your child from sickness, we will make sure they get the recommended vaccinations for their age. If your child has missed vaccinations, we can discuss how to catch up.

Following this schedule gives children the best protection from diseases:

If you have questions about vaccines, do not hesitate hesitate to ask! our medical Providers know your child’s health history and can talk with you about specific vaccines recommended.